how to find more time to read?

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As the first blue book on the shelf looks at me in disbelief, the second black book starts to talk: “don’t look at her like that… it’s not gonna make her read you anytime soon.” I turn around and stare at them with an offended face: “you know I can hear you!” the blue book’s eyebrow jumps high: “he’s not wrong though…” I put my hand on my chest and act dramatically: “I’m just busy… okay?” that’s when the blue book shakes her head: “just another excuse.” 

I feel judged. it’s not like I don’t enjoy reading them… I love reading books but sometimes… life gets way too much in a way that we don’t realize what just happened. 

but really why?

the yellow book comes out of the shelf and starts talking:

” I say it, I say it!

not having enough time: sometimes we get way too busy for days that before we realize it’s morning, it’s almost midnight.

being busy: I mostly mean mentally. our number one priority is something else that we forget we wanted to read.

not having enough focus: which again is about having a distracted brain being busy with work, family, or anything else important to you. “

Blue shakes his head: “who’s team are you?” the yellow book looks at her with fear:” I…” I move back to my desk and start typing: “there are…” the black book decides to state a fact: “see! she’s ignoring us again!” “I need to WORK!” I shout without even turning back.

there are thousands of pieces of time laying around our daily life that we just need to bend and pick them up. 

“always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

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without making any noise (to not attract blue and black’s attention.) let me show you some of these tiny pieces of life that you can easily pick up at any time:

  1. waiting for the train
  2. waiting for your friend
  3. leftover minutes from lunchtime
  4. before bed
  5. after you wake up
  6. waiting… just waiting in general

there are also some activities you can replace with reading (I know that you can guess what I’m thinking about):

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA! (you see it coming didn’t ya.)
  2. watching TV

honestly, these 2 factors take 80 percent of our free time. I’m not asking you to cut them from your life but I just want you to take a few pieces of time from these activities and give them to reading. 

you searched this post because you want to read, right?

“the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  


let’s do basic math:

5 minutes a day 

35 minutes a week

140 minutes a month 

28 hours a year

it’s enough to at least 4 books a year! with only 5 minutes a day!

“Small steps can change the journey.”

let’s start this journey together:

make a goal:

how many books do you want to read in a year? 

get more specific.

how many books do you want to read in a month?

then decide about the genre.

what kind of genre do you want to read more? 

for example, recently I decided I want to read more scientific related books. I decided to take my steps with one book a month which would lead me to 12 books a year. however, I want to improve my reading and make it 2 or 3 books a month later. 

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taking one last look at those troublesome books, (they are trying to get the yellow book into their side but I’m not worried. the yellow book is a loyal one. I trust it.) let’s get into more details, shall we?

you don’t have to be so strict over these planning since we are here to just enjoy the world of magic and new experiences. but It can be so helpful if you have problem focusing. sometimes I just read one page and time passes so slow that I don’t even realize that I only read one page. you can set these goals so encourage yourself to find back that focus.

I remember when I started reading books again I had a major problem focusing. I could barely read one page. but setting these goals made me read more and now I don’t have to set small goals like that. I have a new goal I’m working on which is reading one book a week. now I can read chapters after chapters non stop in one day. sometimes I have to stop myself to go to sleep.

how many pages are the books you want to read? (it doesn’t need to be exact. set the higher goals so you can read more *wink wink*)

how many pages you should read weekly or daily? 

for example, the physic book I picked up is 600 pages so I need to read 20 pages of it daily so I can finish it in a month. 

keep a reminder:

you have two ways to remind yourself that it’s time to read.

  1. keep reading in your daily routine. it can be your morning or your night routine. (it can be both!)
  2. you can set a timer for a specific time of the day and just sit and read for 20 minutes. 

make it easier:

let me introduce you to some amazing bookworm hacks!

use audiobooks: you can read (basically listen) any time, anywhere. are you sitting on the bus? listen to an audiobook. are you working and your hand is busy but your mind is free? listen to an audiobook!

always keep a book in your bag: I always have one book that I only keep it in my bag so whenever I’m leaving the house, I can have it for emergency matters.

keep your book on your nightstand or a table close to where you often sit: out of sight, out of mind. just keep it in touch so you can grab it and read for some extra 5 minutes. 

Ebooks: always having a book on your phone! whenever I go on trips I prepare a few ebooks on my tablet so I can read them no matter what. (I can’t bring many physical books with me when I’m traveling… sad:( )

and lastly:

read more, learn more. 

books help us travel through so many experiences, places and meet so many people. it helps us connect our emotions to the characters and learn from them and their heartbreaks without actually experiencing them. we can see actions from another point of view and learn from them without having to live through that mistake or see any consequence. don’t let books leave your life because, without them, our lessons are half learned. 

I switch my eyes from the computer to the black book sitting in front of me: “For god sake! a book can’t move!” it smiles and I shiver. the blue book appears and suggests: “do you want to read now?” I smile:” you two’s rebellion against me was cute so… you are the last books in this universe I’m going to read!” then I call for the yellow book. it was the loyal one! of course, I’m going to read it first! 

and no! I haven’t lost my mind. love you too.


Editor Shahdokht is talking:

I wrote this post with the new idea of combining story telling and informative post together to keep you all entertained while reading the post. it was a little idea I wanted to see how it would turn out so here it goes! don’t think I’ve lost my mind please!!! I tried to use the same voice I use while I talk to my close, best friends because you all are my friends too.

please let me know what you think. hope you like it. all the love in the world. -Shahdokht

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