book review: Wayward son by Rainbow Rowell

book review:

wayward son


Rainbow Rowell

finding this book after my exam ,when I was looking for some new books, was so shocking. I was not active in the bookworm community for a while so I didn’t know this book was out.

I was SO excited and I’m still so happy about the new Simon and Baz content!

I finished reading this book in 5 days (which with the busy schedule I had it was so fast for me.) I can say I finished it in 10 hours so it shows how much I enjoyed reading this book.

let me first give you a summary of the book before we jump into more details and my opinion!


this book is an afterlife after the big fight Simon had with the mage. it starts by showing the low points of Simon’s life and how his relationship with Baz was not as best as it was at the end of “Carry on”. at the same time, Agatha (Simon’s ex-girlfriend and now their friend) stops answering Penelope’s texts and calls. it worries Penelope enough to make her make some decisions. that’s where Penelope decided to save all of her friends and have a holiday to North America.

their journey starts like every other normal trip (not very normal. a little more magical) they fly to Chicago to meet Penelope’s boyfriend but unfortunately, she gets hit by the breakup news from her now ex-boyfriend. they move from Chicago to San Diego to find Agatha who hates magic now and wants to live a normal life. she goes to a retreat with her friend Ginger and spends some “Normal” weekend with her but in the end, it doesn’t happen to be that normal. this retreat was named NowNext and it was a group of people who thought they found a way to the best generation and best humanity. they turn humans into vampires and now they wanted to add magic to their bodies. that’s why they capture Agatha.

along their way, this group of friends meets Shepard who is genuinely interested in learning about magic. even though nobody trusts him, he tries to help them.

they meet magical creatures, spirits, and vampires to find their way to save Agatha.

to find NowNext, they need to ask their place from vampires so Baz takes the role and attend a party in Las Vegas. he meets Lamp. a vampire who starts to act super friendly and flirty toward Baz. with the help of Lamp, everyone gets to find the NowNext headquarter only to find Lamp was one of them and he was trying to surrender Penelope to them. with a big fight happening between these 3 groups. Baz and Simon save Agatha and Penelope and things start to settle down. however on the last page of the book, exactly when you are waiting for the happy ever after, there is a call from their home town informing them that something is going on.

this ending shows us that there is going to be another book from this series that we should wait for.
even though Rainbow Rowl herself said that it’s not gonna take 4 years again but we are not sure how long is going to take the writer to publish the next book. (maybe it takes 3 years and 11 months 🙂 )

Let me make a sincere apology for my absolute messed up summary writing. I probably need to take a few courses on that… sigh

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book. to be honest I think this book was because of some changes better than “Carry On”.

this time the story had a nice mixture and balance of a love story, personal feelings, and action scenes. however, there were so many unnecessary details and scenes that could be filled with more evidence and fights with NewNext. even though the story was fast (and smooth) but their fight with NewNext was a lot faster. which disappointed me a little bit.

however, as I said, the balance between story elements was a lot better which is amazing.
based on the last page of the book it seems like there is going to be the next book and I’m so excited to read it. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what she is going to show us next!
I didn’t know I needed to see jealous Simon this much! it was so funny and cute I couldn’t help but slow read that part so I could observe all parts of it!

character development was also amazing and real. how Simon slowly started from being a depressed boy to finding himself and finding his plans for the future, how Penelope started from listening to nobody but herself to someone who question the situations more often. also, their friendship being build with Shepard who they didn’t trust at all to the point that they want to take him to England with themselves.

I think as a journey of love, relationships, emotion, and finding themselves, this story had all of these things fitted at the right spot and if I was given the chance, I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. it felt right.

my favorite character is Baz and I’m so happy he finally gets to know his vampire side more than before and loves this side of him better.

I’m eagerly waiting for the third book!

in general:

I loved reading this book. 100 percent it wasn’t a book that I regret reading or feel that I wasted my time. I enjoyed every page of it. the growth of the characters and story is noticeable and also enjoyable.

here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Simon Snow, it hurts to look at you when you’re this happy.
And it hurts to look at you when you’re

“There’s no safe time for me to see you, nothing about you that doesn’t tear my heart from my chest and leave it breakable outside my body.”

“Go ahead and shoot me. This isn’t my favorite shirt.”

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