3 things to do when you can’t sleep

3 things to do when you can’t sleep

Opening my eyes and looking around the room. I take a deep breath and look for my phone. I need to check the time. WHAT? IT’S 3 AM? Yes… again I wasn’t able to sleep. I’m don’t always act normal when it happens. a few months ago I would cry if I realize such a thing is going on. because I had to wake up and study at 4 am and I knew it’s gonna be tough enough.

so… sometimes I cry.

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it’s quite frustrating when you can’t sleep at night. some nights you are fine with it but some other nights it’s hard to agree to stay awake. I mean, you have to go to work/school or you have a lot of work to do, and oversleeping is not a choice. 

there are 3 things that I always do when I can’t sleep. 

I’m fully honest with you here. this 3 work has always worked on me and I hope it works on you too.

but before jumping in, we have something else to think about:

why you might not be able to sleep?

we must know what is the reason. solving the problem is better than running around and try everything hoping it works. 

there are a few reasons that might stop you from sleeping:

  • busy mind

  • uncomfortable body (body pain, etc)

  • uncomfortable sleeping situation (uncomfortable pillow, mattress, room temperature, etc)

  • way too awake brain

  • stressed

I do this cute thing where I stay up all night and feel like death in the morning.

but no! not anymore. we are going to try our best to have a good night’s sleep! 


I don’t know if you have heard of it or not but ASMR is AMAZING! 

I listen to ASMR not only when I can’t sleep but when I have anxiety, when I’m studying or when I’m doing work. it helps me relax my mind.

you may ask, what is ASMR?

ASMR is a short form of “autonomous sensory meridian response” 

in total, ASMR is a complex of sounds and visual triggers that make your body and brain feel calmer. it’s basically like a massage that is happening through sounds. you feel the same tingles and the same sensation back of your neck and back.

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here is a link to Wikipedia if you are looking for more information.

So many times the reason that we can’t sleep is that we are simply too stressed. our brain and body are alarmed and ready to get up at any time. ASMR can help you ease your mind and body slowly. 

let me help you have a better experience with ASMR:

  • get comfy.
  • close your eyes if you can. 
  • use headphones for sure! try to use small headphones so you can get comfortable in your bed. 
  • close Autoplay. you don’t want to wake up with the sound of ads.
  • lower the light of your phone.

2.massage the back of your neck:

massage exactly this part of your neck (I created a black circle around the area in the picture below) in a circular mode for 1 to 2 minutes. you’ll instantly feel sleepiness in your eyes.

for better effects:

  • lay in your bed.
  • focus on the massage and let your brain rest.
  • make sure your body is comfortable as well.

3.focus and meditate

this one is my little trick that works all the time and I’m shocked as much as you are. 

I have anxiety. especially sleep anxiety. when I go to bed thousands of different thoughts come to my brain that I’m not sure what made me think about them.

that’s what I do. 

I start to count:

  • 3 things I see
  • 3 things I feel 
  • 3 things I hear

but not only counting them, but I also try to explain how they feel. 

for example:

one of the things that I can feel is my bedsheet. so that’s what I say in my brain:

it has soft material. it’s not like my previous bedsheets. I can feel the lines of sewing ( and I try to trace them.) 

I try to keep my 100 percent focus on that one thing. so my brain has to only focus on one particular thing. it can rest and get ready for sleeping.

the reason that it works is that my brain is always busy thinking. it’s so hard for me to stop thinking for a few seconds. I love meditating but I’m not a professional in meditating. unfortunately when I try to focus on my breath … I get an anxiety attack … it’s crazy but it’s real. that’s why instead of that I try to think to only one thing. 

even though these 3 things can help your mind and body rest but other elements might affect your sleeping system:

the temperature of your room:

a too hot or too cold room can ruin your sleep. 

based on Healthline

“Ideally, your room should be between 60 and 67°F (15.6 and 19.4°C) for healthy sleep.” 

so if you can control the temperature of your room then don’t spare a second and do it. 

but if you can’t change into some cool, light, and fresh cloth can work as well.

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some people are very sensitive toward lights. I had a friend who would even turn down the light of the yard because she hated light. (she was probably a vampire but we don’t wanna talk about that.) 

I hate light when I’m sleeping too. (talking about vampires, my friends gave me 10 reasons why I can be a vampire…) that’s why I’m always the last person in the family who falls sleep. because I need all the light of the house to be off. 

if you are sensitive as well, make sure there is no light coming in your room. even if it’s the notification light of your phone!


I’m sensitive to sounds too. I need total silence or a soothing sound that doesn’t change. I’m the last person in the family who falls sleep and the first one who wakes up. the sound of notification, people, fridge, or anything. I recommend ASMR again because it doesn’t only block other sounds but replace it with something soothing. 

when I was a baby I wouldn’t sleep unless there is music playing in the background. we didn’t have headphones those days… so imagine my parents… staying all night… listening to music… so I could sleep… I still do, to be honest. 

“Good night. let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.”

Anthony T.Hincks

Good night loves.

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