10 amazing habits to create for your life in quarantined

10 amazing habits to create for your life in quarantined.

Are you stuck in your house because of coronavirus? I know you hate it too, to be in the house for days or maybe even week and not sure what you should do. 

as months ago, a weird virus has been leaving effects on people all over the world and had so many victims, cities and countries have been quarantined to control the whole situation. So I want you to stay at home as well. 

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I know, I know. It’s hard to spend hours and days at home. it’s super boring. you are tired of keep watching NetFlix and scrolling through Instagram. you want something cool. you want to be productive again. my brother, someone who hates school keeps saying that he misses school and wants to go back there. it’s the same for all of us. we want to get back to our lives and we hate the fact that we are wasting days of our lives because of a stupid virus while staying at home and doing nothing! well, we can’t do anything but to use most of our time. we can be smart and show that:

“nope! no siren! not today!” 

that’s why I brought you this post so you can use your time productive and count it as a glow-up journey. you can get back to your life after quarantine but not as the same person. you are going to continue your life, safe and healthy with amazing habits that would lead you to a better life. 

“Sounds COOL!”

yes! I have 10 habits that you should add to your life in these days. it’s easier to do them now since we can focus on them without any excuse.

not sure yet?

then let me tell you about the benefits of creating new habits.

each habit that we want to add to our lives has a specific benefit for us. but most of all, they are good for our health, work, productivity and soul. we want to create these habits in our lives because who doesn’t want a better life? most of these habits are small activities we want to do daily but we “forget”. 

creating habits is not easy. they need focus and discipline.


you might be busy in your regular daily life that each time you want to create a habit, you forget it. now it’s the time to go for it! you are home, you have plenty of time and focus to put on your favorite habits. 

grab a journal or even paper and start your journey on creating your favorite habits. you can use your phone too. there are plenty of useful apps that help you create your favorite habit. 

I’m going to introduce some of these habits. pick the ones that you feel you need to add to your life the most and lack it in your life. don’t pick more than 3 habits or you’ll be too tired that you won’t follow any of them. pick wisely and put your energy on it.

Here are my suggestion for habits that you can try today!

  1. drinking 8 glass of water: how many times have you heard about it? a lot? I know. are you drinking 8 glasses of water every day? if yes, then you probably do not need this habit because you already have it in your life. but if it’s no, then it’s the best time. I’m not sure what is more important than drinking enough water. water is one of the most essential parts of our life and without it… we DIE! especially now that there are warnings of coronavirus everywhere, you have to drink enough water to stay away from it. highly recommend this habit to be in your life.
  2. eating more healthy: recently we don’t eat out more often. It’s dangerous and it’s better to eat homemade cooks.now that coronavirus is not letting us order takeaways, it’s the best to practice eating homemade healthy foods. You can practice packing too so after you got to get back to work or school, you can bring your food with you. Now that you have some free time at home try and cook different recipes. Find some good recipes online and try them for different meals. It’s the best time to create this habit.
  3. workout every day: I know you can’t go to the gym anymore but it doesn’t mean that you can’t workout at home. Now that you are at home, find some workouts with no equipment from the Internet and spend at least 10 to 15 minutes of your day on that. You can try yoga, stretching and so many other things. We don’t have enough movements recently since we can’t move from our house and we are just in one place, sitting or sleeping. It’s not good for your body at all. After practicing with 15 minutes daily, your body will be ready to start more exercises so you won’t feel super exhausted after the first day of the gym.
  4. practicing meditation: recently what I see the most between people are stress and fear. It’s natural to be stressed in situations like this but remember that stress would ruin your body system and weaken it. Try meditation daily. Start from 2 minutes and increase the time every day. Be more mindful and attract more positivity in your life. It should be a “must” these days. If you start it now and create this habit in your life, you can continue and keep it even after a coronavirus situation and be even more relaxed in your life.
  5. track your finances: now that you are sitting and watching NetFlix, why don’t you create a tracker for your finances? Sometimes starting something is the hardest part. For this habit probably the fact that you have to sit and make a list should be scary and you won’t have enough time to do that. Now you do. You have plenty of time. Use it wisely. Pick your pen and start researching. 
  6. learn something daily: we should never stop educating ourselves. Learning and educating help us to make better decisions in life. Find some online courses and start learning. It’s the best time to learn something new. That’s what I’m telling all of my friends. If you are bored then stay educated. Are you a student? Then start studying. You are not? Then think about something you always wanted to learn and start it right now! 
  7. develop a routine: routines are a pack of habits. When you create a routine, you are creating a few habits together. Pick one of your routines that you normally struggle with a lot. I hate my night routine, I rather spend it peacefully and relax so I can sleep easier but I always end up studying, working or watching TV so when it’s time to sleep I’m so stressed and full of energy that it takes me 2 or 3 hours to finally sleep. I should change it and create a better nighttime routine. I should add more relaxing activities to it and stop working at least 3 hours before sleep. Which routine you have the most problem with? check my two posts on developing morning routine ( ideas to have an Ideal morning routine , you can have luxury morning too! this is how)
  8. read more: this one is not for you if you are a bookworm like me but if you are not, then stay right here! There are thousands of reasons why you should read more often. I can guess that you have so many unread books on your shelf. It’s not only about making a habit. You can look at it as an activity and read some novels. Are there any books that you have been hearing about a lot but you couldn’t read yet? I’m sure there is. Go and read it now.  
  9. recycle your trash: huh! You can’t tell me you are too busy to recycle your trash anymore! All you need is three garbage bags with paper names on them. It’s the best time to learn and teach your kids to recycle. Spend some quality time with your family and educate your kids. Now that the earth is suffering from human decisions a lot, try to save it by making small actions and educating a better generation.
  10. limit your screen time: don’t look at me like that. Now that you are spending most of your time at home and you are using your phone the most, you have to learn to control it. We don’t want you to leave your house with damaged eyes and brains. Learn how to stop and spend some time without any kind of screen. You can combine it with your reading more habit. As you stop using any screen, you can read some book or you can cook. There are so many fun activities you can have without using any screen. Spend some time with your family and teach them to stop using phones and TV the most too.

take a look at your new year resolutions.

If you are still like: nope! I’m good without any of these! Then let me guide you to your new year resolution. Tell me. How many percent of these resolutions was successful?


it’s time for you to make it 100%!

review your goals and take steps towards them. You’ll thank yourself later and for sure, you are not going to have some wasted time sitting at home and finishing 100 episodes of series.

think about things you always wanted to do but procrastinated

However, it might not be your new year resolution but there might be some tasks that you have been procrastinating for the past few weeks. Cleaning your phone, empty your computer’s space or cleaning the house could be one of the things that you wanted to do but forgot. Now it’s your time. 

take more time for self-love and self-care

Use your time to take care of yourself. I know that you had so much stress at work and you had to work super hard. Now that you have the chance, try to spend it one self-care.

Give yourself some time and show yourself some love.

Take a nice bath and do things that you always wanted to do but didn’t have time. Start a gratitude list and count your blessings. 

rest but also challenge yourself

You might be like:

“should I rest or should I challenge myself? “

Well, I’m telling you to do both. I want you to rest but at the same time challenge yourself.

When you are finished, you are good to lay back and relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Try to be better but don’t stress over it. 

try some challenges in the internet

If you are still bored, then try some weekly or even monthly challenges. You can find so many kinds of workout, happiness or decluttering challenges online that I’m sure can be so fun to do. Ask your friends to do them with you. If they agree then it would create an amazing time even though you can’t meet your friends in person.

don’t be afraid but be careful about Coronavirus

Last but not least, let me talk a little bit about coronavirus. It’s dangerous and it’s sad but you can’t change things by being sad and stressed. Take a deep breath and live. Stress can be your biggest enemy at the moment. Stay strong, safe and healthy and don’t lose to this bad guy!

protect yourself and stay safe.

I love you so much!


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