how to create the perfect barbie bedroom with 10 unique ideas?

How to Create the Perfect Barbie Bedroom with 10 unique Ideas?

When we were kids and used to watch barbie animations we always wondered if we could live in their houses. these days, Barbie is not animation but it is a style. that’s why today I’m going to show you 10 furniture that creates the barbie style in your bedroom.

What is Barbie decoration?

barbie bedroom decoration ideas

barbie decoration is a style that comes from barbie animations. they are mostly inspired by barbie patterns, colors, and lifestyle and have fans between so many kids and teenagers from all over the world. however, their fans are not only between kids but there are so many barbie fans between adults and I’m sure so many of them love to create the barbie vibe inside their house.

I’m not sure if I’m an adult or not (I’m 19) but I love barbie and barbie decoration. while I was looking at the barbie bedrooms I saw so many beautiful pictures of barbie birthday’s theme that makes me want to attend one!

why barbie decoration?

it’s cute, fancy (in a cute way) and stylish. when you talk about barbie, it’s hard to not think of skin-care, fitness, and confidence.

barbies are also known as princesses so having a barbie decoration is kind of living like a princess in a modern world. (YES PLEASE!)

besides that, barbie decoration has a strong connection with pink and pink is one of the amazing colors for bedrooms that helps you to create a relaxing and romantic mood in your room.

Color pallet:

before jumping to the decoration ideas, let’s talk about the color pallet.

when it comes to decoration, a color pallet is more important than all the furniture because if you don’t choose the right color when you are buying furniture, you are making a big mistake in your decoration game.

let’s take a look at these barbie pictures and guess what is their color pallet.

set of barbie pictures together
a screen shot of some barbie wallpapers

the main color is pink! however, you can also see so many pastel colors beside it.

always remember, for creating a beautiful decoration you need contract colors.

now that we know our main color is pink, we don’t want to create a room filled with PINK! it’s just overusing it. let’s take another look at the pictures, oh… we have blue too.

we can go for blue, purple, pink and white.

let me give you a piece of advice. try to pick your colors pastel.

using light and pastel colors makes your room seems bigger. it’s also easier to stare at a lighter room than a dark room.

another tip is to use white and pink a little more than the other colors. it’s a barbie room after all.

and here’s my last tip for this part. use some gold too but not too much. enough as a crown in your room. I’ll give you suggestions about where you can put these gold colors in the next part.

alright! let’s start decorating!

I took a look at barbie rooms and furniture to see what furniture can bring the barbie vibe to the room. I found some good things that you can use.
here is the first one:

Ps. I found this pictures on Amazon to show you what I mean. I do not own any of these pictures.

Bed curtains:

by seeing bed curtains in most of the barbie and princess animations, I always loved to have one. choosing a white and light pink bed curtain can make your room seem much cuter and more barbie like.

there are customized pipes for attaching the bed curtain that you can find in most of the stores.

Plush shaggy bedding:

just look at this plush bedding! light pink bedding can make you feel like a barbie princess. It’s also super warm and comfy and it’s amazing for a fancy room.

LED lights:

at first, I couldn’t think of LED lights for a barbie dream room but after seeing inspiration on the Internet I was shocked. LED lights are IN these days. bedroom decoration is mostly filled with LED lights because it gives such an aesthetic vibe to your bedroom. you can look at it as stars in your lovely barbie room.

shaggy faux chair:

it looks amazing with the bedding. as I said these plush and shaggy fabrics feel so comfy. if you can’t find one or you don’t want to pay for a new one, then you can DIY it. I’ll post the DIY in this blog very soon so stay tuned!

glitter wall paint:

these kinds of colors used to be so famous in Iran’s decoration and painting and I always loved seeing them because they are shiny and glittery. when I saw it in one of the decorations of the bedrooms I was like “OF COURSE!”

there is no such thing as glittery paint but there is paint glitters that you can buy and add to your favorite color. I recommend white wall with glitter and light pink wall paint without. combine the glitter and the color and color one of the wall. making this kind of contract will bring excitement to your room and reduce creating a boring room.

I used the contract in my bedroom wall by one black and 3 white wallpapers. my family was so sad with my decision but after the room was ready, they fell in love with my room.

it’s not only about the wall. using contracts in decoration can keep the attention to itself.

sheer curtains:

why using so many lamps and bulbs when you can use natural light?
sheer curtains make such a light mood in the room and allow sunlight walks in your room every morning. sunlight can make a much happier mood in your life.

full-length mirror:

have you seen those parts of the barbie animations that they dress up and stand in front of a full-length mirror?

full-length mirrors are useful in so many ways and one of them is that it make the room looks bigger.

the other reason is that you can use it to choose your outfits much easier because you are seeing yourself fully.

try to find and pick a mirror that goes well with your decoration. white would be better for your mirror but if you want to try a light pink, then go for it.

I saw jewelry full-length mirrors and I fell in love with them. as you might know, I never have enough space for my stuff so an extra space hidden in the furniture can always be welcomed. give it a shot.

fluffy carpet:

I suggested the plush bedding and chair. I’m sure you could guess that I’m going to suggest a fluffy carpet too! I believe this kind of carpet is so fancy and cute. it’s also super comfy which is catching two aims with one shot.
pick light pink carpets for your room. the size of the carpet depends on your room and your preferences.

however, you can also try full carpeting your room and then add a small fluff carpet to the decoration. don’t forget about the CONTRACT!

mirror lights:

they are also known as Hollywood mirror lights.

barbie is famous. you have seen it in barbie dream house series too. these Hollywood mirror lights are amazing for a barbie bedroom decoration. you can buy a table for your makeup and skincare products too and spend some fancy time taking care of your skin. (we can’t forget about skin-care and self-care right?)

neon lights:

last but not least, we have neon lights. I’m sure you have seen these neon light boards that have beautiful calligraphy. if you could find one with the word “Barbie” then GO for it! but if you couldn’t then you can still pick other pink styles. they are all amazing for a barbie decoration.

DIY it:

as long as you can DIY your old furniture, don’t pay extra money for new ones. paint is your best friend. you can save so much money by coloring your furniture instead of buying a new one. use fabrics and sew things if you can.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I could give you good ideas for your barbie bedroom. even if you don’t want to go for a barbie bedroom, you can still use these bedroom inspirations for your room.

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