how to celebrate your birthday while you are alone؟

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you! 

Happy birthday my dear reader!

Happy birthday to you!

Celebrating birthdays and having birthday parties are one of the most famous celebrations that happen in the world. People love to celebrate this special day of the year to party and be the center of attention of their beloved people. It’s understandable. However, some people don’t like it as well. There might be so many reasons for a person to want or not want to celebrate their birthdays. Some people think they are growing old, and some people hate attention.

On the other hand, some people love this attention and enjoy partying. 

Why might you celebrate your birthday alone?

It happens. It’s a busy life. You might not have enough time to plan parties or your friends are not around. On my 19th birthday, all of my friends were away, and I was so sad that there is no one to celebrate my birthday. I know that our friends will celebrate it with us later, but sometimes all we want is special activities to happen at particular times. 

Maybe the reason is not that. Perhaps you want to celebrate it alone. It’s okay if you do. Having some time for yourself to relax and enjoy your time is the best thing you can do. Whatever the reason might be, let me tell you something. 


Why should you celebrate your birthday?

I’m not sure what in the world is the reason that most of us get depressed on our birthday. Maybe that’s why the tradition of birthday parties or cake and sweet things for birthdays came in. I’m one of those people who like to cry on their birthdays. I don’t even know WHY! You shouldn’t just act like your birthday is nothing special. It would be best if you celebrated your birthday, your life, and your age even if it’s only doing little things like ordering takeaways and watching your favorite show. We need to give ourselves some attention. We need to show ourselves that we care about ourselves, and we love ourselves. Spending at least one day of the year, just doing whatever you want, can create a lot of good vibes and energies for the rest of the year. Don’t look at it as a luxury thing. Look at it as a self-care and self-love activity. 

Don’t tell me you are getting old.

Why it’s okay to grow old?

Let me play “20 anymore” by Bebe Rexha on the background and talk to you. 

Don’t think about the numbers! The numbers are not showing your beauty! 

As years are passing by and you are getting older, you are just getting wiser. You are getting better and stronger after all these years. 

answer this:

compare yourself to yourself ten years ago. Are you the same person? No. You got stronger. Don’t create values for yourself by numbers. 

Do you know how a piano gets more expensive? When it’s older and more songs, have been played by it. 

Love yourself and your age. Listen to “20 anymore” by Bebe Rexha and sing it loudly. You know what? Scream this song!

I have a few ideas if you want to try to celebrate your birthday alone. These are simple ideas with minimum preparation to create a small birthday party for yourself. 


we all know the birthday as a birthday cake. Why not baking one? You can try to decorate it the way you want. You know what is better when you are celebrating your birthday alone? More cake for you!

You can bake cupcakes or cook too. Making pizza or any other of your favorite foods is also fun. Play some birthday song and dance around as you bake your birthday cake.

watching movies:

last year I found a bunch of comedy movies to watch on my birthday. Even though I only found time to watch one of them but it still created a good mood for me because I started my birthday with laughing so hard. You can eat the cake you baked or the pizza you made while you are watching movies. You can also order takeaways and make some popcorn. It’s just like a full party! Except only you are invited.

playing songs and dancing:

I found a list of birthday songs a day before my birthday. Try to find upbeat birthday songs and dance and sing with them for the whole day. What’s wrong with dancing? It’s fun and makes you happy! Songs play an essential role when it comes to creating a vibe. I highly tried to only listen to happy songs on my birthday so I can keep the birthday vibe around me. 

going for shopping:

I mean. Who doesn’t like shopping? Well, if you don’t, I won’t judge you, but if you do like shopping as much as I do then you should find your way to malls and enjoy some time! Try window shopping and later try eating lunch or dinner in one of the local restaurants too. I know I recommend this idea for so many occasions, but it’s only because I have a really great memory from these activities. I always love it when I go shopping with my dad and then stop in one of the local restaurants to eat something. 

buy a book and read it:

if instead of that you want to stay in peace and you don’t want to have too much excitement then going to bookstores is the best idea. Find a good book and create a relaxing birthday vibe for yourself. You can bake some cake and drink your favorite drink beside it while you are reading your book. It’s such a lovely birthday party.

Create a scrapbook:

you have two options:

  1. create a notebook for the previous year and talk about things that have passed.
  2. Create a scrapbook for the upcoming year and organize your goals.

No matter which one you choose. These ideas are both fantastic.

You can show your success, good memories, or your emotions in the first option. Fill it with hard moments you overcame or progresses that you made. Write about the lessons you learned or even movies you watched or books that you read.

Or you can make some kind of planners for the next year. You can create goals or your wishes for your next year. Maybe even a travel plan. 

make a gratitude list:

grab a paper and sit. Write about things you achieved, something you received, and moments that you experienced. See how much of your last year’s wishes came true and be grateful for what you have right now. 

When you take a look at yourself and see how far you came, you’ll thank yourself. Remind yourself that you worked hard in the previous year and show more love toward yourself.

create goals for the next year:

we always make wishes when we blow candles on the cake. What if this time we make goals? We can be better than last year and develope as we grow up. This time instead of wishing, make your wishes come true. Let your moves blow the wishes to reality.

Go for a trip:

traveling is a fantastic option as a birthday party. Why? Because whenever you travel, you become wiser. You see more of the world, and you learn new things. Now since you are a year older and wiser, then why not traveling and adding more to this knowledge? Another reason why trips are good ideas for birthdays is that you won’t have time to sit somewhere and be depressed. You are busy wandering around and trying new things. Besides that, your birthday is not one day anymore. The whole timeline of the trip is your birthday!

These were the ideas. I hope they could help you to at least make a plan for your birthday. just remember that on your birthday you deserve happiness. With people around you or without them. Birthdays happen once a year, and you are going to remember them for a long time. Even if it’s only for a day, try to stay happy and love yourself. You are lovely! 

you are loved:

don’t take these things personally. If people had plans and couldn’t be beside you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. As we grow up, it’s hard to handle all the things we have in our hands. I’m sure they still love you and care about you. 

enjoy your time:

don’t wait for someone else to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your time, and just have fun. You deserve happiness. With people or without them. Just do whatever you can do to make a good day out of your birthday. 

It’s not only about your birthday. in every moment of your life, but you should also learn to have fun and celebrate what you have. Don’t waste your time being sad over things that you have no control over them. Show the world who’s the boss and have fun!

Happy birthday my lovely reader, and I wish you a beautiful birthday. I love you so much and don’t forget to have fun.

You are amazing. You are great. You are loved, and you are beautiful. 

Happy birthday.

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