awesome activities for last minute valentine’s date

It’s valentine’s day, and it’s the best time to create amazing memories with your lover and go on a romantic date.

Valentine’s day is on the 14th of February. It’s a known day for lovers to celebrate their love and create romantic memories. So many people go on dates, and so many people try to celebrate this day by buying gifts and chocolates.

How did Valentine start?

I’ve heard so many stories about how valentine’s day was created. Still, the most famous or probably the most realistic one is about a festival that used to happen in the Roman as people would get paired by some kind of lottery. Then they would wear the name that they found on the lottery on their chests.

Even though nowadays the way that people celebrate valentine might not be the same as past, but it’s still a fantastic opportunity to celebrate love and show your feeling toward your beloved ones.

Why I love Valentine’s day?

I believe you can always use excuses to celebrate life and most importantly love. I’m a big fan of romance movies and stories. I love seeing beautiful emotions like love exchange between people. I always support love and enjoy seeing it not only in my life but also in other people’s lives.

Some people might look at valentine’s day as something wrong or a big chance to receive significant gifts from your partner. I don’t care about what we might collect and how much money could spend on this day. What I care about the most is enjoying love and some romance in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have paid 0$ or 1,000$! The fact that someone was thinking about you as their valentine and as someone that they love is super beautiful!

Why Valentine’s day is cool?

Let me count some valuable reasons…

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And for the last reason is…


There are also so many exciting things to see in this day which they are mostly red and pink. I love how these colours can be used in our life even if it’s just for a day. We usually don’t use these colours in our decorations, but on valentine’s day, it’s hard to go for other colours.

Maybe valentine’s day is an excellent reminder to all of us to stop for a moment and just appreciate the people in our life that we love and love us. Sometimes we need to stop and just enjoy the romance in our life. Even if you are single, you can still love yourself.

Why should you celebrate valentine’s day?

It’s good to remind the people we love how much we care about them. It’s essential to take a moment and just enjoy some quality time with your dear people. It doesn’t need to be your partner. You can share your love toward your parents, your friends or most importantly, to yourself. After all, valentine is not only about couples. It’s about love in general. Love is a powerful emotion, so we should at least stop for once a year and just focus on loving.

Why might you forget to schedule a date?

I know you care about your partner. I know you love them a lot and you hate the fact that you forgot to set a date. It’s a busy life, and we already have so many things to take care of in our life. We might even forget our birthdays! It’s okay if you forgot that. It might be your first year celebrating valentine with someone so you might not be prepared for these kinds of occasions. Don’t worry. I don’t blame you. I won’t even judge you. I’m not here to remind you how hard it could be to create a balance in your life, and I know you are in a hurry to plan a date but don’t worry. We have plenty of time. With these ideas that I’m going to introduce them to you soon, you don’t even need 5 minutes to get prepared. I’ve got your back.

These ideas are fast, easy and cheap. You don’t need to spend so much money in the case of planning a romantic date, and you don’t need days or hours to get prepared for it (unless you want to look beautiful which you should hurry up about that one.). Even after valentine’s date, you can still use these ideas to plan any kind of date with your lover.

Now let’s not waste any more time and just jump to the ideas!

Watching sunset:

What’s more romantic than watching the sunset with your lover? We all have imagined these kinds of dates but haven’t done them before. Now it’s time to make something memorable and romantic and you know what is the best part? It’s FREE! You can bring some food or snack with yourself too and enjoy some time with the love of your life.

Baking or cooking:

I love some quality time with the people I love. Sometimes you don’t even need to get fancy. If you haven’t thought of anything yet and you have some time left, just jump into the nearest market and buy some groceries. If you don’t have time, you can still bake or cook with whatever you got. Make some pizza or any food that might remind you of something. Maybe it’s a food that you both like or you have a good memory of it.

Don’t forget about baking! You know valentine is all about chocolate and sweets! Make some chocolate or bake some cake. You can make cookies or cupcakes and try to design them together with a valentine theme! It would create such a fantastic memory from 2020 valentine’s day.


If you ask me I would tell you that picnic is the most romantic date you can create. You don’t need any kind of preparation. If you have time, you can bring a homemade sandwich, but if you don’t, it’s okay. Just order some takeaway and bring them to your picnic. Since it might be cold outside, don’t forget to bring warm drinks. It’s going to be a fantastic date (especially since I’m freezing while writing this post) though it depends on the weather too. If it’s way too cold where you live, then have your picnic in the car or inside of the house. It would be fantastic. Fill your time with board games or reading stories for each other. Share some chocolate and create an excellent date together.

Create a Playlist of love songs:

Music is always a good idea. Just relax and try to create a playlist of your favourite love songs. Playing with songs can contain a bigger group of activities for you and your partner.

Show each other love songs that you enjoy.

Try to tell each other about your emotions by songs.

Find a song that describes your relationship the best.


write one yourself! Nobody expects you to write a Grammy-winning song. Just choose a rhythm and try to tell your love story by this song.

Make a fort:

forts are so cozy and romantic. Especially when the weather is cold.

Fill the fort with blankets and pillows. Don’t use candles! But you can use LED lights. Just look around the house or the Internet and find amazing ideas.

You can make the fort yourself and surprise your partner, or you can make it together. It makes some memories, and after trying to work on the fort, you can rest inside of it and enjoy your time by eating dinner or snacks or watching romantic movies.

Watch a movie:

choose a valentine’s day theme movie or a romantic movie to watch together. Movies are super helpful to create moods. If you need a romantic atmosphere, then watch a romantic movie. There are a lot of recommendations on the Internet, so get some help from them too!


when I’m talking about shopping, I don’t mean to take it seriously. You are not there to buy essential things and stress over them. Just walk in the bazaar and look at the stores and windows. Eat some dinner in a local restaurant and look for valentine theme products (you might find some good discounts). If you haven’t bought any gifts for them, but you wished you had, you can use this chance to buy them something. If you didn’t have an idea to what to buy for them or what they might like, you could choose easier by knowing what they want and what they don’t.

Make the gifts:

you can create each other’s gifts with any way that you like. You can go for handicrafts, or you can make handmade cards for each other. Another thing that you can do is to go out, buy two boxes and fill them with tiny cool stuff that you might see in malls. You can fill them with chocolates or gifts. You can try to keep them away from each other’s eyes so you’ll be able to surprise each other. you can try to choose each other’s gifts too. This way, you can learn more about each other and find out what makes each one of you happy.

Amusement parks:

it’s not always about having a full romance mood to create a romantic date. Having fun with your special someone and laughing and playing and enjoying your time can be the best date you can create for yourselves. Become little kids and laugh like no one is watching.

Try pickup lines on each other:

you don’t need to be strangers to try pickup lines on each other. Try to find some pick-up lines on the Internet and use them on each other. You can talk to each other about which one you love more and which you don’t. It can be fun too! You can use funny pick-up lines and create an unusual but romantic night.

These were some of the ideas that came to my mind. They might not be enough for a beautiful valentine’s date, so here are some quick tips for you to use these ideas.

combine them:

get creative and try to connect ideas. Bake or cook and then bring the food with you to the picnic. Go grocery shopping and then come back home to cook or bake or anything else. As long as you feel that these ideas can create you a suitable date, then use them and enjoy the day of love.

Create a beautiful night:

you might not have enough time, but it still doesn’t mean that you can’t make a beautiful night. Try to avoid arguments and fill the night with compliments. Talk to them about your emotions and how much they mean to you. Use anything that can help you to make the night even better. Let this day stay as a beautiful day in both of your minds.

Consider things that are your things:

don’t forget about inside jokes or anything that are your things. With personalizing the date, you can make your beloved one realize that you care about your relationship. Let them know that you remember them. When you consider these personalized things, you both will feel much closer because you’ll see that you came so far and learned about each other more than before so now you have jokes that nobody else understands.

don’t forget about the music:

music is everything! Play some romantic song or any song that might be reminding you of something. You can choose slow songs or wordless songs to play in the background. Music can help you to set a charming and romantic mood.

make memories not expensive gifts:

you can’t buy love. You can’t show your love to your partner with big and fancy gifts. It just shows how much money you have. Nothing else. Products or anything that you might have bought would get old or outdated. Everyone might forget about them, even your partner. They won’t last forever. But you know what lasts forever? Memories. Good memories stay with us through good and bad moments of our lives.

no need to spend so much money:

you don’t need to book fancy restaurants or spend so much money to create a beautiful date. I know that you will need to spend money. In this world, it is hard not to spend money while you want to do something. But you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money to make it unique. Try to be creative and use whatever you have in hand.

forget about people:

valentine’s day is about you and your partner. It’s about your love. Don’t care about what people might think or what they would say. Don’t make yourself go broke so you can show fancy pictures to others. Don’t let other people control your date and your relationship. The only thing that matters is your lover and what they would like.

That’s all!

I hope you all have a sweet and beautiful valentine’s day.

It’s okay if you are single. Love yourself or anything else. Show love to the world or to people who might need it more than everybody else. If you can donate some money to these organizations, you are taking a big step to spread love in valentine’s day. Don’t be too serious. Don’t be stressed. just enjoy and love and feel the love in the air on this day.

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I love you so so much!

I wish you a lovely valentine’s day.