Survival kit for bad moments

Here are some moments in our life that we feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and we can quickly sit and cry.
Well, at these moments, I like to go into survival mode, which means I’m not expecting myself to be unusual or being positive or happy.
In this kind of moment, I’m so exhausted to fight those bad feelings and be positive, so I turn into survival mode. I breathe and survive and do whatever I can do to no die from inside.
If sometimes you feel the same, then I had a good survival kit for you so you can survive.
And it’s okay if sometimes all you can is to survive and breathe.
Here is my suggested kit:

  1. Games:
    It can be on your phone, your computer or anything else. I love to use sports to distract myself from bad feelings and evil thoughts. It calms me down and helps me to figure out what to do after that.
  1. Warm drink:
    Or maybe cold, it depends on the season. But balancing the temperature of your body would help you to calm down a lot. It’s so helpful.
  1. Music:
    It can be your favorite music or anything.
    I like to listen to songs that can describe my situation. It feels like the singer is talking instead of me and tells the emotions that I experience, but I can’t explain. one of your favorite activities:
We usually show our best focus on our favorite activities. So when you do what you love, you can distract yourself from negativity and feel much calmer.

  1. Give yourself some time:
    You don’t need to be social all the time. You can take some time for yourself and be alone. I usually go for a walk and buy a book. It calms me down all the time because I have enough time to discuss everything with myself or maybe even explain some situations and make myself feel better. It always works!

  1. Watching motivational or some comedy show:
    Movies and shows are the best for distraction, and comedy shows can help you to laugh and reduce that stress as soon as possible! Motivational movies can help you to remind yourself that it’s okay, and it would pass too.

  1. Ice Cream:
    My best friend at my downtime. Besides the love relationship we might all have with ice cream, scientists have found that the effects of ice cream are like you were laughing for hours! It’s best for depression and sadness.

  1. Sleep:
    When I’m tired, and I need some rest, I’m more sensitive than usual. Most of the time, I don’t care, but when I’m tired, it’s like I can’t control my emotions anymore, and they all attack me. A good rest can make you mentally and physically strong enough to deal with negative shit!

It’s okay if you had a bad day. I get it. But it’s temporary. It would pass, and you’ll be alright.
It’s okay to survive and breathe, so don’t push yourself harder and don’t break yourself.
You are doing fantastic, and I’m so proud of you. Take 1 or 2 hours rest. Love yourself, and enjoy your moments. Breathe and eat ice cream.
You’ll get stronger, and everything would be fine.
I love you, and thank you for fighting your bad days and getting out of your comfort zone.

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how to survive bad days.
bad days survival kit
survival kit for bad moments
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