19 things I learned before turning 19


this morning when I woke up I’ve been thinking about the same thing.

I was wondering where I’ve been last year and where I’ll be going from now on. 

today is my birthday and I’m so happy and also, so nervous. 

I’m not that teenager anymore and life is a little bit more serious now. before then, I always knew how my year would pass by. I knew there would be school and study and exams and…

and now things are getting a little different. 

now I can’t guess what is going on tomorrow and what would happen next month. sometimes I feel it’s stupid to plan the whole month since I’m not even sure what would happen next week. 

but besides being stressed, it’s such fun! 

thinking about my 18th birthday, I learned so many things in just one year. 

I’m surprised about all the new things I realized and learned.

if I want to summarize my whole 18 I would say: 

it was all about learning. learning about myself the most.

I didn’t know before then that how much self-acknowledgment is important. I didn’t know learning about the rhythm of life is much important than fighting it. 

let’s talk straight about it. 

let me count 19 lessons and hopefully, I would learn 20 or more lessons within next year.

  1. the celebration of seasons is so beautiful. each year I’ve been so busy with school that I knew seasons as school season, exam season, new year season, no school season. this year I wanted to feel seasons with my whole heart. I wanted to enjoy it and touch it with both of my hands. even though it was all on a budget but it worth it! 
  2. I learned to make myself happy. this is a key and the most important lesson I’ve learned this year. we should learn to make ourselves happy and not waiting for anything special to happen! 
  3. if it’s meant to be it would be. I’m happy I’ve learned that. it calmed me down so much and stopped my stress over everything. I’m not sad or stressed about what can go right or wrong. I know my hard work would be paid off if it’s meant to be.
  4. you should be brave about things you love. what if we lose our beloveds just because we were too afraid to fight for them? being brave doesn’t mean you are not afraid at all. it means that you are afraid but you do it anyway. I learned to be so brave and try so many things out of my comfort zone and learned to not be afraid to love.
  5. if you love it, you should let it go. sometimes enough is enough and you worked hard enough for some stuff. maybe it’s time for you to let it go and see if it’s yours. if it is, it would come back don’t worry. 
  6. not always what we love is what we love. it sounds complicated but listen to me. sometimes what we think we love is based on life’s effect. sometimes it’s not what our heart wants. that’s why I learned to ask myself bravely if what I think I want is actually what I want. I don’t want to choose things because people want me to. 
  7. I started to love every detail of my life and I made a big party out of it. I think life is worthy enough to celebrate every detail of it. you just need to open your eyes and find them. I learned to become so grateful for all I have.
  8. I learned love is not a shameful thing but it is a blessing. 
  9. I learned to be the first change in the world. I learned that if I go for my way confidently, they would follow.  
  10. I learned that everything happens to teach me a lesson.
  11. I learned that success is an art of progress. so I’ve learned to grow slowly but effectively. 
  12. I learned to be proud of myself and be myself shamelessly.
  13. I’ve learned to not let anything stop me from loving myself.
  14. I learned to be nice to myself. 
  15. I learned so much stuff about myself. 
  16. I learned how to live in the moment.
  17. nothing’s more important than my mental health.
  18. happiness starts with me. I don’t need to find it. I don’t need anyone or anything to give me my happiness. it’s all in me. I’m the only one who can make or destroy my happiness.
  19. I learned to not care about everything. some stuff worth the attention and so many things are not worthy at all.

I’m sure I’ve learned even more lessons in only one year but let’s just write 19 of them. 

I think I had a long but full of lessons year and I can’t believe how many things I’ve learned in this short among of time. I’m so lucky and also blessed!

a big thanks to all the people who wished me a happy birthday on social media and people who remembered me. 

this series of birthday posts are not done yet since I have so many more things to tell you all about birthdays and all the things. 

thank you for supporting me and I love you so so much! 


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