Amazing tips you need to have a good plan!

planning means you think and write the future stuff down to remember them and have the events organized (I can hear your inner voice) so YES!

your daily life is an important event that you should plan for it!

you may plan so many stuff even without realizing it, like:

meal plans


family plans


and …

what are planners?

cute notebooks for your daily life that you can use to plan your life and get your life together(one glass of water for every time I say life!)

you can make them yourself or you can buy one from your favorite stationery shop! that’s your choice.

planners are different. so you should try and look for your ideal planner or you can even create it yourself. (where are my artists at?!)

though most of the daily planners have:

daily pages

monthly pages

weekly pages

daily pages have several parts. some of them for example are:

to-do list

quote of the day


important meetings

important calls


water tracker

exercise tracker


seems interesting huh?

having a plan for your day is SO useful!

you can plan your day so there is less wasted time on deciding what to do,

more productivity,

have the track of your life,

being organized so you are not late on that specific event ( I know you don’t leave everything for last minute… I… know…),

and less stress which is my NUMBER 1 reason! (*showing my planner to my stress’s face*)

so if you wanna plan your life, you gotta have a planner!

planners are amazing for so many reasons:

they are cute! (don’t look at me like that! that’s a valid reason!)

they are easy to read!

they are organized!

you don’t need that much time of your day or your week to spend on planning!

you know what you want during your day and you know where to look if you don’t know what to do!

and …

it’s so amazing to write down your purposes and remember them and knowing what you wanna do!

you just need some tiny time to plan and then you have your full 24h organized!

seems easy Nah?

unfortunately, it’s not… (sorry …)

I mean, not all the time.

there are multiple issues you might face that might tear your plans and routines apart. so you should write your creative and smart plan and guess what! I’m here to help you, hun! (such an angel I am!~)

I faced so many of those problems. that’s why I got some good tips for planning that I want to share them with you.

I’m a huge fan of planning and planners.

I have multiple planners since I’m a person of so many things so that’s pretty understandable for me.

I’ve been planning for so long and always I’ve felt so relaxed for knowing that if I follow that plan I can have my life together.

but it didn’t happen all the time.

let me rephrase it!

after each time of planning, I could follow it only once!

I gave up so many plans because of failure and broke so many promises to myself.

but now… I finally know how to get this thing done!

I’m pretty sticking to my plans and I know what to do if I failed.

so here are 7 tips that I gathered from my experiences and tried to explain them to you as well.

these are from experiences I had and I hope they would help you as much as they helped me.


1. Personalize it!

remember that you are not the same as your friend, family member, or that successful person you look up to or anyone!

you are not the same as them so PLEASE plan your day for YOU!

find your favorite way of doing it. it took me so long after trying so many methods to finally learns what’s best for me and what is not.

but if you want an advice from me then listen to me (you can thank me later):

plan something that you think might suit you and then while you were following that plan if you realized that you don’t like some part of it, then change it! don’t quit! don’t give up! just consider changes and remember them for your next day plan!

and consider changes until you find your BEST and IDEAL plan!

2.leave at least 1 hour of your day focusing on something.

it’s good to have some quality time. doing something important to you will make so many changes and so many benefits. as I said, “at least”. which means give yourself some more time if it’s needed.

I have about 3 hours of this focus time so I can focus on my study.

try that on!

3.have a specific planner for every big thing.

for your job, for your life, fitness or anything else. it just helps you to stay organized as best as possible. when you have everything specifically planned and organized you know what you want and you have your life together. when you have your closet organized, you put everything on a specific place. shoes somewhere, trousers somewhere else and shirts at another place and then if you want to be even more organized you might make them in order of color. if you don’t make them organized by what they are first, ordering them by color wouldn’t help at all! (you know what I mean!)

4.order them by importance.

you don’t have to do your stuff by the order of your list but sometimes you are just bored or you don’t feel like doing any of them so you don’t mind what is first. that is where you usually pick the first one of your list. (that’s why honey!)

5.keep a notebook for everything.

OMG! let me tell you! I always have one particular notebook that I just write everything on it and helps my mind to calm down. I just write every detail like planning for my trip or when I feel unmotivated I write my big goals and all the stuff! it’s just like a piece of paper that you write everything that comes to your brain on it!

it helps! because when your brain is calm and empty, you can plan better, healthier and easier( so take my word!)

I call it my brainstorm notebook!

6.keep a time of the day for planning.

I love mornings to plan but you can also plan at night. if you pick a specific time to plan you would always stay on track. you can even have your phone’s alarm to remind you every day!

7.keep it nice and clean.

when it’s cute, clean and beautiful you can’t help but keep looking at it and enjoying following your plan.

when I was at high school I was not good at the chemistry that’s why I didn’t like to study it. but I had a really beautiful chemistry book that made me study this subject!

use your favorite colors or stickers or have one or two sketches here and there!

these are all the tips I could give at this moment but remember that

if you are not responsible for your life, plans, and decisions these tips and plans are nothing!

for being responsible I have no tip to give, it’s all in your heart and mind that how much all these matters to you. you can give yourself some gifts when you end a plan too but as I said your mind and your heart are the most important thing about planning.

if you give up no one would lose anything but you. so do it for you, your future, your life, and everything you love.

also, don’t go crazy when you are planning especially if it’s your first day, week, month or even year. don’t overbook your day. don’t write crazy plans that would make you sick, tired and exhausted. go easy. even 3 tasks would be fine. at the end of the day if you see you have accomplished your goals for the day you would feel proud and happy,  also motivated so going on another day of planning wouldn’t be a challenge. you would slowly love it. you can level up slowly after 2 weeks or whenever you felt you are ready to do for example 4 tasks a day. (just don’t kill yourself!)

if you failed, it’s okay! if you couldn’t finish one list of tasks, it’s okay. don’t blame yourself! don’t be sad or angry! don’t go hard on yourself! just say it’s okay and try once more tomorrow.

be nice to yourself, every part of your life and especially while you’re planning. it’s a matter of progress.

you would learn and you would improve. slowly but for a lifetime.

so don’t forget to share your pictures of your plan or planners with me! I would love to help you all! you can find me on Instagram!

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also(number 2), as you can see I changed my editing style a little bit different and tried to give it more autumn vibe, what do you think?

love you all!


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