You can have luxury morning too! This is how.

I know there are too many people in the world who love luxurious! (I see you!)

if you are one of them too but you think you are too broke to live a luxurious lifestyle let me tell you something:

luxurious is not a matter of what you have, but it’s a matter of how you live and see things you have in life.

it’s just about how you feel.

it’s your vision!

 luxurious is a life where you FEEL rich, valuable and BOSSY!

*playing bo$$ by Fifth harmony on the background*

you might feel luxury when you have a big house, a closet full of clothes or a really expensive car. (that Kylie kind of closet…*cries*)

but is this all?

when we imagine luxurious we imagine some specific things with expensive stuff around us.

I accept that these expensive things are all luxury but these are not a luxurious lifestyle. (nope nope!)

that’s why I decided to write this post to help you achieve your ideal luxurious morning.

you may ask: can I have a luxurious lifestyle too? even though I’m broke?

my answer is HELL YEAH! you can baby!

everyone can have a luxurious lifestyle.

as I said it’s a matter of our vision.

if you change what you see and how you see it, you can live like the boss you are!

everyone can live rich. you just need to accept that you are worthy enough to live like that. don’t forget! you don’t need any specific thing in your life to feel worthy or successful or rich!


a few days ago, one night I felt I need a luxurious lifestyle.

at least, a luxurious morning.

that was when the idea of this post popped in my head.

I looked through the internet and gathered ideas as much as I could.

no! I’m not talking about “faking” it. (we don’t do this kind of stuff here love!)

I’m not talking about showing others that you are rich and luxury.

no honey! you don’t need to prove to anyone how worthy you are.

who the hell are “they”?

do it for “you”!

this “you” is the most important thing alive honey!

don’t do it to prove to anyone that you are happy and rich or even faking it.

don’t fake it!

live it!

so that’s why before jumping into ideas, I want you to listen to me and read this part of the post too. (pls pls pls!)

because without this factor, none of the ideas would be useful.

I’m sure you have seen rich people in movies or social media.

I’m sure you have an image of how a rich person lives.

besides the fact that everything they have is expensive, let’s talk about their lifestyle.

do you think it’s the stuff that makes them feel rich?


it’s about the way they live that makes them feel rich.


I don’t know if this ever happened to you or not.

but when I was younger I wanted a new MP3.

everything I wanted to do I was imagining that what would happen if I had that new MP3.

I always thought that if I had it, I would be the happiest.

well, that was a big lie.

I bought it a few weeks later. (it was pink by the way)

but it wasn’t the source of my happiness.

the problem is that I didn’t even realize until now that I had it in my life.

when you look around yourself you would realize how many big and amazing things you have in your life that can make you rich! (just look! I’m sure you would find a lot!)

so enjoy everything you have in your life and don’t wait to achieve anything to call yourself happy (or successful).

now let’s get to the ideas.

before that let me tell you these all are IDEAS. which means they can’t make you feel better 100%. but if you feel like you like the idea, then use it. if even you are not sure about an idea, still use it. you may like it *wink*.

now let’s talk about the parts of the morning. then we’ll make them luxury and rich!

waking up

it sure is the first part about your morning. (I’m sure you didn’t know that huh!)

1.sleep earlier so you can wake up early.

have you ever seen a boss being in a big rush? nope.

then give your day some time to get prepared. physically, mentally and visually.

sometimes even 30 minutes can make a lot of changes.

so remember that.

2.sleep in your comfy clothes, keep your clothes clean and nice.

3.use your eye mask if you have one and if you don’t that’s still okay.

4.if you have long hairs, braid your hairs from last night so they won’t break during the night.

5. don’t look at any screen. leave your phone! leave your TV! leave your laptop!

 you have so many times during the day to use these stuff. give yourself some time in the morning!

6.make your bed.

so you would feel completely done with sleep and ready to start your day. (*whisper* and also you would feel you have your life together!)

7.keep your house clean from the night before so you won’t wake up to a big mess!

we usually feel much better when the space around us is clean and nice.

before breakfast

you’ve got some time before jumping to breakfast! there is some stuff you need to do!

after you woke up it’s time to set up some stuff to light up your mood.

1.light some candles

2.spray some air spray. curtains


4. smile

yes! smile! it costs you zero bucks! but can change so many things. remind yourself this is gonna be a good day and you are ready to nail it like a boss. smile to yourself. smile to your life, to your day, to your family or even roommate. if you want a positive vibe around yourself, then radiant it!

5.drink water!

stay hydrated boss!


so you would feel fully woke up! some meditation

and make your mind ready for a big day!


get clean and nice to feel refresh and ready. this part is amazing for relaxation.

no, you don’t need to relax after your day! you have to relax every moment of your life.

1.light some candle

2. if you think you might have some more time, you can read some good book too.

a book that will help you with your business and your job.

3.add some flower petals to your bath tube. ( you can buy cheap ones at supermarkets.)

4.then after that, dress your hair and look fabulous!


the yummiest part! now that you have some time, prepare yourself a big breakfast!

1.make it look cute and beautiful.

2.use your favorite dishes.

please take those cute dishes that you bought months ago or even years ago out of the cabinets! use them! what are you waiting for? a special guest? treat yourself like you are the most valuable gold in the world! (Cause you ARE!)

3.prepare a healthy breakfast.

 take care of yourself! you matter baby! you matter!

4.make your favorite drink. ( and pour it on those beautiful glasses you have!)

5.add some fruit.

6. enjoy your breakfast.

without any distraction.

no news!

no phone!

no work!


just you and your life!

enjoy what you made with every piece of your soul!

taste it!

feel it!

remember it! can have some flowers too.

you can buy flowers each month or every two weeks. having beautiful flowers even once a month is so good and calming! some calming music or maybe your favorite music while you are eating your breakfast. (you don’t want to wake others up? use your headphone.)

after breakfast

now that you are full, it’s time to get ready for the day.

this part of the day is when you should get ready before leaving.

1.check your planner and update it.

stay organized and professional!

this would help you to avoid stress as much as possible and your day would be so productive.

I’m sure you know how much plans and planners are important to bosses. they even hire someone to plan for them! your skin routine.

AGAIN! take care of yourself, BOSS!

3.get ready

take some time to pick up clothes and everything you need. people would feel who’s the boss by your clothes.

I’m telling you this from the daughter of a father who always cares about his clothes.

my dad always spent hours on getting ready and he always walks to his office like a BOSS!

so remember that.

even though people say don’t judge a book by its cover, but your look is the first thing strangers notice.

4.get your stuff ready before leaving

check if you have packed everything you need. take some time to make sure you are all ready. re-check and be organized. calm and positive.

I’m sorry but I don’t know any stressful and negative boss. if I see one, I won’t call them a boss. some motivational quotes if you need some.

7.listen to some self-improving podcast

 and learn more every single day.

*LEVEL UP! LEVEL UP! LEVEL UP LEVEL UP LEVEL UP! * can even do some researches and learn even more!

9.leave house a little bit earlier.

as I said before, give yourself some time.

10.keep your head up!

you are going to kill it today!

show life and your day who is the boss!

show everyone who is passing by you know that you deserve what you are going to achieve!

show yourself that you decided to change this game!

LIVE LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE! *cough cough cough* (my … voice…)

11.take a look at upcoming events.

so you would be fully prepared and ready!

some bonus tip:

upgrade the stuff from your life slowly.

you don’t have to buy a beautiful dish to have a luxurious morning but you can level up each part of your day with your favorite things.

one day you can buy your favorite glass.

next month you can buy your favorite eye mask.

then you can buy your favorite bath bomb.

and on and on!

upgrade slowly and enjoy whatever you have fully!

Now that I told you the ideas let me tell you this too:

if you are looking for happiness with money, I need to tell you it’s not that. you won’t buy happiness. you will just find it, by your eyes.

but besides any of these, I want to tell you something that I sure would write a separate post about it but for now,

I believe if you want something in your life you should show and prove that you deserve it.

this is a lesson I learned the past couple of months and I can’t tell you they changed my income, but it changed my mood and vision of life.

just remember this, if you don’t love what you have, you would never enjoy what you will get.

all of these dreamy stuff you think about them would come true soon or late. if you don’t learn to love what you have right now, you won’t love what you get in the future.

so enjoy your life fully. you have more than enough. use everything around yourself that can make you happy! stop waiting for someone or something to make you happy. build it yourself and love it and LIVE it.

if you took any good step to make your life luxurious with using any of my ideas, don’t forget to take a picture and tag me on Instagram! I would love to see you!

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Love you so much!