Why sometimes you should be lazy?


you should be lazy!

some days you need to take a break and let your brain BREATH!

this break means doing nothing.

yes. nothing!

nothing like nothing!

crazy right?

listen to me:

have you ever been working so hard and sometimes you feel like you just want to sit somewhere and stare at a blank wall? like just staring? nothing else?

this has happened to me a lot! sometimes I feel like I’ve worked so much and I’m so done. at this point what I crave is to just sit somewhere and do nothing.

that’s why at least one day of my week I spend doing nothing.

though I might read some book, listen to some music or just stay in my bed and daydreaming.

I try to not look at any screen as best as I can I try to keep my eyes closed as much as I can.

so yes! you should be lazy too.

and some days being lazy is not bad at all.

as much as being lazy all time is not healthy, over working and being active all the time is not healthy as well.

give yourself some break and enjoy some current moments in your life.

hug them and breath the air and enjoy you coffee (or tea or any drink) .

love your current moment and live it as best as you can.

so don’t force yourself to be productive all the time.


Shhhh! that’s just me, feeling so DONE and CONFUSED and not knowing what to DO!

love you love you


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