3 Essentials for Bookworm vibe!



if you don’t know already I’m a book lover.

I even started my photography and instagraming journey with bookstagraming so I guess now you can tell how much this day matters to me.

so today I decided to give you a kit with 3 essential things for a beautiful bookworm vibe!

If you are a starter and so new on this let me give you this post and help you a little bit.

let’s first talk about the bookworm vibe:

I know we all have an idea when it comes to our ideal reading moment. when there is the vibe.

that sound of rain.

a really good book

and a comfy place.


so let me help you to pick up this 3 things so you can have a better ideal moment loves!

1. Big Knit Blanket this is my most favorite!

I have a plan to make one in fall and I can’t wait for it. this blanket is so cozy for a reading day!

you can curl into it and happily enjoy your beautiful nice book!

you can buy it or you can make it yourself which I believe is cooler because knitting it is also so cool!

I don’t own this picture. credit to the owner.

2. Nice Drink

I mean… SNACKS… come on!


a cool cold nice drink!

fall and winter?

a hot and tasty drink!

though for 4 seasons all, I rather drink tea but hot chocolate and coffee? they would never loose their place in my heart!

3. Rain sounds

or whatever that makes it cozy for you. you can use different apps to simulate the sound of rains or whatever feeling you want to get.

rain and The bamboo water fountain is my most favorites.

what are your favorite sounds?

let me know.

I would love to hear and try them!

love you so much!

see you soon!