10 cat breeds personalities

Hello Hello, friends!

it’s cat’s national day!


but unfortunately, I don’t have one…

so for this cute day, I decided to research and learn about cat breeds because I realized I don’t know a lot of them and thought it’s a really good opportunity to share it with you too!

I don’t own any of these pictures and I found them on Pinterest.

so if you own any of them or you know the owner please let me know in the comment. I’ll give the credit to them!

1.British shorthair:

they have an easygoing personality. they are loyal, loving and love playing but they don’t need so much attention. if they want to play they would find someone to play with or they can even play with themselves. ( isn’t it cute?!)

2. Persian cat:

if you ask me I would tell you they are so lazy. they are so friendly and they would sleep in your bed, sit on your lap … if they feel like to ( such a queen!LOL). they don’t lick themselves too often so you should brush their hairs more often.

3. Maine coon:

they play a lot and they forgive a lot. they don’t meow too often and they are so gentle. they are independent and also intelligence. ( I love smart and gentle cats!) they are always there for you if you need a hand because they love helping.

4.Siamese cat:

they are loving, playful and intelligent. they are trusting and need interaction to be entertained.


they are calm and gentle. changes in routines do not upset them and they are good companions for people who live in apartments.

6. Sphynx cat:

they love cuddling a lot and they might even sleep with you under your blanket while they are hugging you. they show so much love, intelligence, and curiosity.

7. Bengal cat:

they are so intelligent and have so man dog-like qualities. they are so active and also playful.

8. Abyssinian cat:

they are so playful and curious. they love to play with toys and mess around everywhere. they don’t like to be cuddled too much because they rather play more! they need attention and love or else they would get depressed.

9. Russian Blue:

they are calm, beautiful, smart and curious. they care about human emotions and love playing with toys.

10. Exotic shorthair:

they are so friendly, curious and affectionate but also they value their alone time and independence like many cats. ( aren’t they so cute?!)

these 10 are the cats I didn’t know their name ( except Persian cat but I still listed because I love them!)

but still, I’m so happy I learned a lot about them and tell me: aren’t they all so cute?!

I was smiling while reading and writing about these cats the whole time!

my mom’s friend has a really beautiful and cute cat. she’s so beautiful and she promised me she would let me meet her.

I’ll keep you updated if I did.

if you have a cat, show them some love today from me too!


see you soon kitties!