My Summer Playlist

Music is life.

That’s why our hearts have beats.

it’s almost the end of the summer. time flies, doesn’t it?

one of my Summer Bucket list options was to write a Summer Playlist and last few days I wrote 14 songs for this year’s playlist.

I just tried to pick the best songs that have summer vibes. so check them out and have some fun until the end of summer.

here we go!

1. Sangria Wine by Pharrell Williams & Camila Cabello

2. Love myself by Hailee Steinfeld

3. South of the border by Ed Sheeran

4. She loves control by Camila Cabello

5. Really don’t Care by Demi Lovato

6. Girls like you by Maroon 5

7. Havana by Camila Cabello

8. The way I am by Charlie Puth

9. Hey ma by Pitbull and Balvin

10. OMG by Camila Cabello

11. Is your love enough by Little Mix

12. Say my name by David Guetta

13. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

14. Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato

I hope you would enjoy listening to these songs.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a Spotify link. I don’t have an account.


let me know what you think!

do you have any song suggestion with summer vibe?

let me know!

I would love to listen to them!

love you love you!

hope you had a cool and fun summer!

see ya soon!


Behind every favorite song,

there is an untold story.