Things you need to know before writing a TIMETABLE!

timetables are amazing life savers for busy days!

you can plan each hour or minute of your day and use the fullest of it.

so it’s great!

but writing timetables are not that easy. you have to remember every detail of your day and also you should be careful to make a realistic one.

so there is some stuff you need to know before starting to write down your timetable:

1. be flexible on changing the order

that’s right that you are planning your day, but you can’t predict everything so be flexible. sometimes some unexpectable stuff happens or even we just rather do those stuff on different times of the day. it’s okay to change it and make it more suitable for you.

2. make it personalized

when it comes to planning you have to always remember that your life and your mind and everything about you is special. so make it personalized as possible.

you can study better in the morning? afternoon? night? it’s your choice.

whatever goes better with you and makes you feel better.

3. pick some time as your free time

don’t make your plan so full that you don’t have time to do ANYTHING else.

sometimes you just feel like doing some stuff at the specific moment and they are not in your plan. so it’s okay. give yourself time and do whatever you want to do.

your dreams matter.

your time matters.

your goals matter.

but most importantly,

your health matters!

it’s good to push yourself but there is a thin line between healthy and unhealthy pushing.

if it challenges you, that’s great! it’s healthy.

if it bothers you and makes you not feel happy and okay, no! that’s unhealthy!

be careful about your mental health and take good care of it.

4. Don’t stress

it’s okay if your plan messed up. it’s normal. don’t waste your time on stressing over lost time. pick yourself up and continue the rest of the time that is left.

5. give yourself realistic rest times

REST! it’s important.

today I wrote a timetable and unfortunately, I forgot my tip and wrote an unrealistic plan without that much rest time which in the end I became so tired and slept the whole afternoon(which is okay. because you have to rest!) so remember that! even if you think you can do it in the morning, that’s because you have a lot of energy and you don’t feel tired at all. so you think you can do it pretty easily. but the moment you reach afternoon you can feel the tiredness and you don’t feel as motivated as you were in the morning.

don’t mess up with rest and sleep time.

because tiredness causes depression and depression causes a lot of bad things! ( if you are a student let me tell you, depression causes losing memories too.)

so give yourself enough sleep and rest time and have a healthy plan!

6. using the best times of the day

when is your perfect and most productive time of the day?

mine is morning. from 4 am to 12 pm. so I try my best to do most of my hard stuff in these hours and for the rest of the day I divide them into pieces and give myself break from each work after every hour.

for example, I study from 5 to 6 pm. since it’s not my productive time and usually I’m so tired at this time of the day so I give myself a break and do other things I need to do in the day and then I start studying from 7 to 8 pm again.

but it might not work for everyone. some people need to do all their stuff in a row and it’s completely okay!


7. plan like you love yourself

don’t forget about your favorite things. I know you might need to study for 8 hours but try to give yourself some time too.

you are your best friend. treat yourself right and accept your needs.

becoming successful is not all about hard work but it’s about self-acknowledgment and self-love. so use your potentials as best as possible and instead of blaming yourself for some weaknesses, try to recognize them and work with them. nobody is perfect! not even those big people you can name. the difference is that they accepted themselves and worked as they love themselves

8. give yourself some time

it takes some time to learn and make your best timetable.

start with a timetable you think might work and then keep update the changes on future timetables.

keep update the changes and recognize them.

9. try to avoid lost minutes as most as possible

I used to be so bad at this and at the same time my brother is a master at this!

when I wanted to go to a class at 8 am, I didn’t do anything from 7 am and all I used to do was to wait until 8 am to go to my class.

but my brother? he gets ready 10 minutes before leaving and won’t stop doing what he is doing until it’s time to go.

most of the time these lost minutes are the reason we don’t find enough time to rest. because we are stressing and keep thinking about doing stuff for the next hour and we don’t rest but also we don’t do anything worthy.

alright, that’s all I could think of right now!

if I remembered any other tips I would let ya know!!!

hope these tips were helpful.

do you have any tip?

let me know down below!

I love to know and try them!

love you, love you!