Ideas to have an Ideal Morning!

Wake up


be awesome!

mornings are my most favorite time of the days!

when I have good starting in the morning, I would have a good day as well.

mornings are important!


because they can choose your vibe for the day.

I love the vibe and the feelings of the morning. I even have a whole board on Pinterest about morning vibes! so you can tell how obsessed I am!

I can tell everyone has an ideal morning in their mind and some stuff in our life make us happier when we have them in the morning. like a good tea or breakfast!

everyone has different morning ideals so I’m writing some ideas and examples for everyone to look up into and pick their most favorite ones and have a nice, beautiful, lovely morning.

Let’s don’t hesitate any more and get to our ideas and start making an amazing morning!


this is a really necessary and at the same time common part of the morning.

NEVER skip your breakfast!

it’s important what you eat so be careful and pick your favorite and also healthy breakfast.

when my breakfast is healthy I feel much better. not only physically but also mentally. I feel like I have my life together(LOL).

when your body is on ease your mind is also on ease.

so don’t forget! breakfast!

you can also have some tasty drink next to your breakfast.

don’t forget to design your breakfast too. you don’t have to wait for a specific reason to celebrate your life. so design it and take pictures if you want too.

Books, Newspapers, Movies, Journals or None

I love to read a book while I’m eating my breakfast. some people like to read a newspaper and some like to watch a movie. well … some rather none! you can choose!

I’m a big fan of personalizing life and believe everyone has to have their style of living.

so take a look at your likes and pick whatever makes you happy!



I know that you know so HAHAHA no surprise!

I believe flowers are life! they massage to me every day that life is beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their way and you have to take some time to bloom!

the colorfulness of flowers make me happier and so calm, so there is no reason to not have them in my morning!

Bed or a beautiful View?

my chose? both!

but when a good view is not in access, well… bed is amazing too.

My room is not that big and I don’t like to eat on my desk so that’s why most of the times I eat on my bed(Shrug, Shrug).

but if you have a good view from your house then don’t lose the chance!

traveling? hell yeah!

views matter so much to me and I sleep at night imagining Pinterest pictures so don’t blame me, please!


Madam sun needs to wake you up and tells you today is another day!

I love sunshine spreading all over my room! especially when I’m eating breakfast.

I have read a lot of articles about how mentally good it is to have some sunshine in your house. so DO IT!


I like to make a beautiful view of my breakfast so I try my best to pick some cute dishes and every time I see something that could go so well, I buy it!

Candles scents

that scents! OOH LALA!

the warmth and aliveness!


having a romantic breakfast with yourself!



do I need to explain?

alright then.

that comfy feeling and being cozy while eating your beautiful breakfast. Yes! imagine it! you did? great! that’s it!

Treat yourself! you worth it!

you are beautiful and amazing and worthy as a star so don’t treat yourself with less.

you are cute.

and I love you!

wish you a lot of beautiful mornings with a lot of sunshine and amazing news!

love love love love!


One small positive thought

in the morning

Can change your