My Summer Bucket List

Every hour deserves to

be happy…!

last day I really had the vibe of summer and I really wanted to do something with the smell of summer. so the best option at the moment was to write my own bucket list for summer.

if you remember from my last post, I have given you 12 ideas for summer and now I’ve found some more ideas from Pinterest and added them to my list.

I can tell my friends are already scared because they know I’m not a person with quiet and easy things when it comes to having fun.

I tried my best to add more stuff that I have never tried and some exciting things with the vibe of summer.

also, this notebook is my summer bucket list journal and I want to fill it with all the memories and pictures and other stuff from this summer. I’M SO EXCITED!

even though I’m in the middle of exam season but it won’t stop me from having a FUN summer!

I really can’t wait to do them all and have fun this summer.

FUN FACT: this notebook actually is a cookbook(LOL) but since I already have a cookbook and thought it’s just amazing for my bucket list so I decided to use it.

do you have a summer bucket list?

how many of stuff in my bucket list is in yours too?

have you started having fun this summer?



At the end of the day

your feet should be dirty,

your hair messy

and your eyes sparkling.