breakfast is one of my most favorite meals of the day and the most important one. that’s why when it comes to breakfast I’m so picky and I can’t just eat anything.

since in my school days, I used to eat too much egg so recently I’ve been looking for some DELISH and HEALTHY breakfasts that suit me well and I will enjoy it.

a part of my ideal morning is to have healthy and delicious (also cute) breakfast. so I looked and tried multiple recipes. I have seen oatmeal before in a lot of lists for healthy breakfasts but previous recipes that I’ve been trying were not good and did not satisfy me at all.

but last month I found this recipe on Pinterest and BANG! I’m in love!

so here we go:



rolled oats


yup! that’s all!

How to make oatmeal?

cut bananas and add them to rolled oats with some milk. the more milk you add the juicier it would become( which I love).

let it cook until you find that soft oatmeal.

you can add salt but personally, I don’t like it that way.

you can add multiple stuff on top of it like:




chocolate( this one is my LOVE)

peanut butter

and whatever you feel like you want to try it with your oatmeal.

personalize it. it’s your beautiful, healthy and delicious breakfast after all.

I love sweet and warm breakfasts the most so this breakfast really suits me and makes me feel so good. it also feeds you enough until lunch and I don’t think you might need to even snack until lunch.


if you haven’t tried it yet, go on. you might love it.

obviously, one healthy breakfast and 6 unhealthy breakfast is much better than 7 unhealthy breakfasts.

who knows? you might even like it enough to switch it to 7 times a week! I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed it.

love ya love ya!