How to survive a bad and hard day?

I know some days are just not the day. that feeling when everything goes wrong or sometimes even one thing going wrong can absolutely ruin your day.

I can recommend you a survival kit ( which I would later!) but for today I want to give you some advice so you can keep them in your kit!

when your sink is overflowing, what would you do? well, obviously you won’t add more water.

I know it’s a weird example but listen to me!

sometimes we just have to stop and do not add more to it.

when something goes wrong in our life, stressing and keep regretting those things not only they would not save you from what happened but also make you feel worse and this might even lead you to mess up again and everything turns exhausting.

when you keep regretting or talking or thinking about what could go right, you will make the feeling get bigger and I’m telling this with self-experience.

what can you do instead?

1. take a deep breath.

2. try to smile!

3. say “It’s okay.”

4. focus on a solution.

5. try your best to see the good side about it.

6. love yourself.

it’s not impossible. trust me!

only less than one year ago, I was even worse. I remember I even cried over my bowl of soup when it broke down.

it needs time obviously but it’s not impossible.

I don’t like one night things because as faster they come into your life, they would fly away faster. so take your time on learning this life lesson and give yourself some time.

you would love the result!

when you take a deep breath you are calming the possible anger inside of you down!

when you try to smile, serotonin would be released and you would feel better.

when you say ” it’s okay!”, you are reminding yourself that it’s not breaking you down and you don’t need to be worry or stressed or angry about it.

then focus on finding a solution. when you are calmed down you can find a good sulotion. if it’s a tiny thing ( like a bowl of soup) try to find a solution right away. but it’s something big, you can take your time.

when you look for the good side about what happened you won’t feel unfortunate but instead, you would feel blessed because of what happened and in this case your day is not ruined at all!

and love yourself the most because of course if the same happens to your friend you won’t blame them. instead, you would calm them down and you would tell them it’s okay and there is no need to be sad over it. loving your self is the key to a lot of things so


let me give you an example:

you are drinking water in the morning.

you are cool and ready to start a good day.

suddenly the glass would fall and it would shatter into pieces.

what would you do?

you can get angry. think about thousand of things or even cry over your lost glass. with an angry mind clean your room and have a really bad day. since your angry, you might even make some more mistakes and BOMB! that’s over!

but also you can do otherwise.

you can take a deep breath and follow all six steps I wrote above.

love yourself and save your day.

you might make new mistakes through the day but ” It’s OKAY!”

we all make mistakes and I don’t really think you have to worry over it.

give yourself some peace and love.

take easy on yourself and treat yourself nicely.

I love you so much and please love yourself even more.

hope it had helped you.

I would love to hear your opinions and ideas and experiences.

love love love love