Is it hard to Focus? try this!

focusing on a subject at a time and trying not to multitasking is a great way to save time.

as a person who has a lot of things to focus on, I always hear this question:

“how can you focus?”

well… I have one tiny trick that I want to share it with you guys.

Have a tiny paper with you

since I remember, this trick was life-saving for me.

you can have a paper with you and every time you feel distracted, write whatever you are thinking about in a word in that paper so you can think about it at its right time.

if you are afraid that the paper might distract you, you can keep it somewhere so can’t look at it unless you want to write something down. you can keep it upside down and leave it for your break times.

we always have amazing ideas at the wrong times.

especially when it comes to studying we always have a lot of brainstorms and COOL ideas and sometimes we are afraid to forget them so we keep thinking about them and before realizing, our time is gone and we haven’t done any progress.


write them down and keep them for the right moment.

this trick was also so helpful for my bored times. whenever I’m bored I just take a look at my paper and cross off some of the stuff in my list.

SEE?! it’s a time saver in lots of ways.

but remember! do not waste your time by keep looking at your list and thinking about it. you are keeping that list to save some time not wasting more!

if you keep yourself responsible about it, I’m sure it would be so life-saving.

YUP! that’s it!

I hope you have found this tiny trick helpful.

would you use it?

tell me your opinion!

love you so much!

– Sahel