What does anxiety feels like?

waking up in the middle of the night having that weird feeling in your body and you know tonight is also one of those nights that you can’t sleep. so I decided to write this post about what actually anxiety feels like.

(unfortunately I didn’t have a photo for this post so here is some pictures of my beautiful flowers 😀 )

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for years now. I don’t know where it started but I know this past 3 years it got worse and better, just like a roller coaster.

having anxiety doesn’t always show from outside. it’s a really hard feeling you would have inside of your body and you feel like you can’t breathe.

the hardest thing to do when you have an anxiety attack is to calm down.

you feel like the whole world is crashing down and you can’t escape. sometimes it feels like you are stuck and you can’t break free.

it feels like it would never end and you gonna have that feeling forever.

it’s not okay at all but a person who is struggling with anxiety needs you to remind them that it’s okay because in that specific moment they forget it and the feeling that they are drowning down makes the anxiety worse.

you don’t need to calm them down. you just need to stay calm yourself and give them the peace they need.

they are not looking for any help from you but please stay by their side. they may feel so lonely. you don’t need to do anything unless they ask you for something.

don’t tell them it doesn’t matter or don’t think about it. I personally hate it when I have an anxiety attack and people just walk to me and telling me it doesn’t matter. it matters. because it hurts me.

most of the times they either don’t know what is wrong. so please don’t ask them about it.

having anxiety feels like your body is melting together and even air is so heavy. it feels like your own body is crashing down.

when anxiety attack happens sometimes it’s so hard to cry because they are not calm at all. if they calmed down and started crying just let them keep going. it helps them a lot.

having anxiety feels like you wanna throw up.

having anxiety feels like your chest might break down from your heartbeats and you feel like your throat is under so much pressure that you may not be able to breathe.

some nights you know you are so tired but you can’t even close your eyes. even when you hardly fall asleep you still might wake up from nightmares and not be able to sleep again.

having anxiety is not easy at all. it feels like you are in a really deep hole, drowning more and more in and you feel like you won’t survive. your brain gets block and it doesn’t matter what you are telling it. it won’t listen.

you just want to go to a safe place and stay there. somewhere that sometimes you don’t even know where it is.

make them feel safe. no matter if it’s just words or a really comfy blanket around them.

don’t try to get rid of them by solving their problem. they don’t want a solution they want calmness.

(I mean… look how beautiful they are! )

this post is kind of messy because it’s just a late night feeling.

I just felt the best way to make especially myself feel better was to write something about it and talk about it which definitely didn’t fail me. it worked.

thank you for reading this messy post.

recently I’m just stuck with my final exams so probably most of the posts would be about this exam days.

it would take almost 4 weeks.

so stay tuned.

love you and see you soon in my next post.

heart heart

– Sahel