12 fun things to do this summer!

when I was younger I always had a bucket list for my summer.
writing all my favorite things down and waiting for the final exams to be done was so fun even though I never finished my bucket lists but still, the feeling of writing it down was so fun.
this year I want to write a summer bucket list again and I will update you about how it is going.
though in this post I want to give you 12 ideas to add to your bucket list.
if you ask me I would tell you writing a bucket list itself can be count but let’s assume you already want to do that and some ideas are what you are looking for here.
so here we go:

1.plant something:
planting is so fun and when is a better time than summer? you can pick up multiple ideas for planting and grow your little plants at home. that’s my favorite one.

2.learn something new:
learning is never bad and since I’m the learning-obsess person I know you could guess this would be on the list but seriously, why not?
I recommend you trying some new sports or anything you haven’t done before.
or you can start something over again. that’s fun too if you miss it.

3.write a story or novel:
no need to take it so serious. just write anything you want. imagination is always fun. living in another world and creating it is so cool. it’s so relaxing.

4.try making new desserts :
CAKES!!! and a lot of other desserts! you can try making healthy snacks even … I think that would be even better but unhealthy … well, it wouldn’t hurt to make some once a while right?

5. make a craft :
there is a bunch of DIY videos everywhere so why not try some of them? you can try home decors or anything else that you want. looking at( and using) what you made is so satisfying. I know you liked to do it when you were younger so let’s become little kids again!!

6. attend a new class:
not only learning a new thing but also meeting new people and having different vibes. moving from house to have fun and doing different things. it’s great to change your place, it always gives you motivation and makes you feel better.

7. learn a new healthy habit:
learning a habit takes time and summer is the best time!
is there a new habit you wanted to add to your life?
that’s the best time. you can start slowly and learn each one of your ideal habits one by one! you would feel so happy when you realize how much you changed at the end of summer.

8. start a journal:
start a summer journal and update it with stuff you have done in this summer. not only it feels good to look at it later but also it will push you to have a lot of fun this summer.

9.donate old clothes:
moving on from old things that do not suit you anymore is always necessary. use some organization methods on the internet and donate what you know you don’t need anymore. I’m sure someone else would need it more. when you slowly let go of things that do not make you happy anymore ( or doesn’t suit you) you would learn to keep and let go important stuff in life too. so, in the end, you will free some spaces for the right things in your life( not only your closet)

10.do a big difficult puzzle:
this one is so fun! you can do it with your friends or family or even alone at home. in any case, it’s fun! you can even glue them together and make a board of what you made.

11. have a movie night:
order your favorite food and buy your favorite snacks. stay all night to watch a lot of movies until morning. I really love this one! I think it’s cozy and fun at the same time.

12. 24 hours readathon
YES! read as much as you can in 24 hours. if you have a really long TBR list like me then that’s amazing for you! you can also try it with your friends and see who can read more!
or you can pick up a book with your friends and read it at the same time so you can talk about it a lot!

here we go! that was my ideas for this summer. even though there is a lot of more ideas that you can try this summer but these were my ideas that I would add to my bucket list.
I’m going to write my own bucket list soon and I would show it to you guys too!
write your own bucket list and show it to me!
you can find me on Instagram! don’t forget to tag me!
love you so much and I hope you a really nice and fun summer

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love you!