My Experience With Meditation!

let’s talk about meditation, shall we?

recently I started meditation (about two week ago) and I can tell I’m in love with it!

before then every time I’ve been hearing about meditation I really couldn’t say it’s my thing but now I’m telling you IT’S MY THING!

I’m a person with lots of stress just walk through my brain. even though I can say I can easily focus when I want to get something done but I hardly can focus on my current moment.

it sometimes goes from future to my to-do lists to past to everywhere other than my current moment.

I really want to talk more about meditation in my blog (and I would) but I don’t want to make my blog posts so long so let’s say this for now:

meditation helped me to focus on current life the most!

this morning I woke up, ate breakfast and write some blog posts while I was 90% focused on the current moment and I was not thinking or worrying about my exams or everything that is going to happen in future (isn’t it the key of happiness and calmness?)

I recommend you to try it! at least once!

you would feel the good feeling after at least 5 minutes of meditation running in your body and mind.

I’m a beginner too so, unfortunately, I can’t give you a proper guide but I’m sure you can find a lot of them on the internet so go and check them out!

Have you ever tried it? what do you think about it? tell me in the comments.

love you!