10 Facts about me!

His name is Dazai Osamu from Bungo stray dogs. I love him so so much.(isn’t he so cute?)

Hello again sweeties!
pre-writing blog posts are not only so fun but make me feel so comfortable to write.
feels like I’m writing to a good friend!
so YAY!
this post is ,as you can see from the title, about 10 facts about me! ( I told you from the previous post that you are going to learn a lot about me.)
I’m not still sure what these 10 facts are going to be about but I will try my best to write the fun ones!
let’s start the facts!

1.I love soup
huh! that was the first fact I could tell about myself.
I don’t care if people say soup is not a proper meal but I don’t mind eating soup for my entire life(especially my aunt’s soups)
(I wanna tell you a secret so come a little closer.) my dream is to put up a soup festival to show the best soups in the world and don’t ask me why.
Yes! that was my first fact!
tell me in the comments what is your favorite food. ( I love fried chicken too (a lot) but I don’t wanna talk about that. let’s save it for another post.)

2. One of my most favorite singer and celebrities is Camila Cabello
I love her so much and every time I listen to her songs I feel a really strong connection that makes me want to cry! (I cry. a lot)
if you follow my Instagram you would see how much I mention this fact so …

3.I don’t have a favorite color
if you take a look at my room and my stuff you can easily tell I don’t have a favorite color. I love all colors and it’s so hard for me to pick up a particular color and go with it.
so yeah! you can tell I love all colors.

4.I love photography
I started taking pictures almost 3 years ago and I’m so happy about it.
I will write an entire post about my love toward photography and Instagraming so stay tuned!

5.I play piano
not professionally but recently I’m playing more often to learn more and more. I start playing piano about 5 or 6 years ago but after a while, I gave up playing and didn’t play that much. but now I’m back to it and I can’t stop playing!

6.I love learning languages
learning languages is one of my favorite hobbies. I learned English over time and now I’m working on my Korean.

7.music makes me sleepy (kind of)

my mom says when I was a little baby I wouldn’t sleep unless there was music playing around.

even now after years when I listen to music ( any kind of music! I’m not talking about relaxing ones!) I would feel sleepy . ( maybe because it makes me so relaxed)

8.I have a younger brother

He’s 11 years old and he loves video games. ( sometimes I spend 1 hour or more to listen to his Furtnite stories.) I love him so much and we don’t fight that much. he’s so nice and I don’t know how much more should I talk about that!


my favorite season of the year is WINTER!

I love winter so much. I love the coziness and warm drinks. I love warm clothes too! and the cold weather, the colorfulness that comes next to the whiteness of winter. rains, snows, clouds are my favorite! I really can’t wait for winter to come back! I want to plan a really good winter time this year!


I have done taekwondo for (i don’t know) 6 years? (or maybe more) and I have a black belt dan two.

I have done swimming and now currently I’m doing volleyball and I’m really enjoying it.


Here we go with 10 facts!

actually, my goal was 20 facts but when I start writing these facts I realized how hard it is.

so yes! I cheated!

but still writing these 10 facts was so fun and I’m so happy to be able to finish it.

I can’t wait to finally write my next post.

tell me what you wanna see for next posts in the comment section(of every post)!

love you so so so so so much!

see you soon!

bye bye!